Tuesday, April 2, 2024

H4 new sculpt 10/31/88 ..

 preview.  this one is called 10/31/88. it has a number of subtle changes from the SL2R. i like it better.  the mold has some texture,dust,hairs,ect. quite crude but with some very accurate details. these are 24.5 or even 25 inch but i am making a smaller version asap.

stunt in progress now. updates coming on this. will be for sale soon. very accurate eyes with screens. lightly used,filming condition paint finish. hair is amazing,very convincing.



thanks to Ryan for this last shot of the stunt

#1 Hero version.  thanks to Joseph for these great shots below.

Damned 88(Stunt) 10/31/88 (Hero)


other H4 variations coming from this sculpt... 

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