Saturday, September 16, 2023

1979 Halloween novel... cover art pumpkin find

i was always a fan of the cover art on the vintage Halloween novels. until recently,i did not know that the pumpkin on this version of the cover was based on a real item. i found a match by accident while searching out vintage Halloween stuff. how i never saw this old blow mold pumpkin before is a mystery because when i saw this one the other day i recognized it right away. it's a 13 inch tall trick or treat pail. the design is almost certainly from the 1960s,and probably continued into the 70s.. which makes sense for the 1979 artwork. its a dead on match to the pumpkin on the cover. interesting vintage Halloween find.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Hatbox Ghost mask traditional black/white

Hatbox Ghost. probably going to ebay,or get it here cheaper first. traditional black and white like the photos of the Haunted Mansion prop. eye holes open on this one. original sculpt based closely on the original prop and vac forms. not many like this anywhere. latex,approx 24 inch.  150 Canadian, 125 US. free shipping. email is above or comment here if you want it.


Saturday, July 22, 2023


just finished but it looks ancient. one of the best small eyes H4s i've ever done. used/vintage/80s survivor look.  very accurate eyes and detailed paint. V1 was my first H4 sculpt. this one is in my collection 

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A FEW DEALS ..Hatbox Ghost,SL Kirk,AllHallows 88 Hero

stunning and scary Hatbox Ghost. very rare. not many Hatbox Ghost masks like this anywhere. original sculpt based closely on the 1960s Haunted Mansion ghost

 latex. 1:1 size.  this copy is uncut. not wearable. $125 US  $155 in Canada

email is at the top of the page or comment here if you want anything. shipping included in price. these all ship with tracking.

UPDATE.....HatBox Ghost Sold

SL Kirk. the last Kirk copy. this one is retired.  $200 US!!!   $225 in Canada


AllHallows 88 Hero in progress. i didn't do many Hero versions on this sculpt. accurate details,aged/used look. around 24 inch. more shots coming. eye screens just glued in. also a deal. 225 US. 250 Canada