Thursday, September 9, 2021

ALLHALLOWS 88 HERO VERSION>>> 225$!!!!!!!!!!

new copy,AllHallows 88 Hero version. this is only $225 US because the back of the mask has some minor imperfections. the rest looks amazing. everything else is excellent. accurate eye cuts,crude slightly used look paint,multi-colour hair,eyes have black outs. 24 inch+,medium thickness. the back of the mask pic shows the logo ghost area minor flaws. a lot of accurate details for the price. 225 US shipped! comment here or use email above if you want it. i have a couple extra large pics that don't fit here. email if you need them.


Saturday, September 4, 2021


AHG Warped 75 conversion. likely the only one you'll see here for sale,and its quite stunning. this was Simons Warped 75 Kirk blank,i gave it the full Myers treatment. great sculpt to begin with,it is small though,under 23 inch i would say. very nasty and scary looking. tons of detail. the paint tone is antique and very grimey,aged and dirty. very accurate eyes. the hair is an awesome creepy mess. post here or use email at the top of the page if you want it. ships with tracking US/Canada. i can arrange overseas as well.  email me if you want a few extra large pics. they don't fit here but i have them. 

$275 US shipped

update: SOLD

Monday, August 30, 2021

extra weathered stunt..ebay

 full detail,heavy weathered H4 stunt on ebay. 24 inch +. super accurate stunt eyes,insane paint detail and neck rip.

only shows on ebay Canada so basically nobody has seen it yet. contact me if you want it off ebay. *cheaper*

update: SOLD

Monday, August 23, 2021

H4 super rare Kirk/Kelly Meeker/Tom Morga/shotgun scene version..updated

AHG/H2SM H4 #1..the rarely seen KIRK VERSION. actually this is another one i've never seen done before at all. based on the mask in the Kelly Meeker shotgun scene,which is so dark you can't see much. most likely it was a Kirk mask though. i used Rowlands H2 SM Kirk blank,which i think worked extremely well. turns out,this might be the scariest version of the H4 mask.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Trick or Treat Studios/AHG H4...STUNT #1

AHG Trick or Treat H4 conversion #2. Stunt version. 

mask show in last pic is the exact one before modifications. 

i changed everything. multi stage paint,applied in several different ways. weathering/aging. modified eyes with new black out screens. all new hair with varying tones. it does not look like the same mask.  #1 Stunt copy. leave message here if you want it or use email above. i have larger shots. email for that. 

400 US,450 Canadian,shipped with tracking


before mods