Tuesday, April 6, 2021

AllHallows stunt version....coming up shortly for sale

 AllHallows 88  is basically the prototype for the Nightmare 88. i didn't release many of these. this copy is rough but has the look,big time. lower price,250 Canadian,200 US...shipped. slight neck warping on the the seam line,thats about it. looks awesome anyway and has all the detail. wearable size,over 24". going thru final processing right now...

comment here or use email at the top of the page if you want it.   

update: sold

Friday, March 26, 2021

NIGHTMARE 88 HERO #1.. next for sale...

#1 Hero version of the Nightmare 88. this sculpt is all new and better than my earlier versions. also a bit larger,a more wearable 24.5. detail,crudeness and accuracy is increased on this one. classic plain H4 paint,light weathering,very accurate eyes with black screens,thin cast,very flexible. lighter hair sprayed darker. exclusive back emblem. all parts of the sculpt are unique H4,not Kirk recast stuff.

550 Canadian shipped,450 US shipped..with tracking. contact me with email at the top of the page or comment here if you want it. 


Monday, March 22, 2021

NIGHTMARE 88 PRANKSTER #1..coming up for sale

 #1 stunt/prankster from the Nightmare 88. this is my best H4 sculpt and it's all original. detail is very sharp,size is around 24.5. very precise eyecuts,proper crude H4 paint with medium used look(like last day of filming condition),excellent hair colour,eyes have black-outs. never worn. new back emblem. the entire sculpt is H4 specific,ears,nose,mouth,brows,ect. this mask is also slightly larger than my old versions. 

use email at the top of the page or comment here if you want it. 600 Canadian,500 US..shipped. if you miss it and want one,check back here. i'm doing these one at a time and they will be at this level but will be slow to get done. if the pics here aren't large enough,i have some larger i can email. 


Sunday, February 28, 2021

NIGHTMARE 88 VINCENT DRUG #1!...coming up for sale next.

Vincent Drug #1 copy from the Nightmare 88!. all new sculpt with lots of detail and accuracy,slightly larger than my first 2 H4s,24.5 inch. this one is every bit as weird and ugly as the drug store mask in the film. detail,texture,crudeness. very specific wonky eyes and sloppy painted brows,the hair colour messed onto the face,correct nose and neck marking,ect. lots of accurate detail,thin cast. this thing looks like it came from 1988. coming up for sale next. contact me if you want it. email at the top of the page or comment here. 

400 Canadian shipped,325 US shipped


Friday, February 12, 2021


 converted SL Kirk,MALONE. insane detail,lots of time into this one. very accurate,super vintage looking,straight from the 70's. 

this mask was a thin blank,slightly ugly,not flawless but the finished mask is epic Malone. very few if any like it on the planet. i don't do these often and this one is brutal. email at the top of the page or leave message here if you want it before it goes to going soon...

500 Canadian shipped. 400 US shipped

UPDATE: sold