Wednesday, December 7, 2022

randoms up for sale.....SHATNER!

new copy, Captain Kirk. the skin tone looks superb on this one,and it has the best hair.  good looking Kirk mask. email if you want it cheaper before it goes to ebay. $225 US or $300 Canadian. that includes shipping with tracking. 


Kirk on ebay now


 new Promo/Fangoria mask. best one i have done. very realistic details. Nightmare 88. on ebay. use email if you want it direct from me slightly cheaper

UPDATE>>>>>>>>>>>Promo *SOLD*





AllHallows 88 Prankster/Stunt. very authentic copy..on screen condition with some weathering like it did have during filming. big hair like the prankster guys in the film. very accurate eyes with black out screens. lighter base hair,darkened like the movie masks. good wearable size for most(23 1/2 - 24 inch). the face of the AllHallows 88 is eerie authentic,might be my best one still. or comment here if you want it.


Stunt H4 *sold*





 H4 SL2 blank///large size. very clean detail from new mold.  i usually never sell blanks,this is the first of these. its medium thickness and rare 25 inch or more,this one didn't shrink much at all,(maybe due to colder weather)?  200 US, 225 Canada. shipped with tracking


>>>>>>update...H4 blank sold



ToT REDONE KIRK 1 of 1.  $100 US shipped, or $125 in Canada

good looking mask and the only one of these i finished as a Kirk. very clean paint job,great skin tone,top quality hair. 


*Kirk sold*

Donnie Darko Frank #3. small,5 inch resin face sculpt. lots of detail,super creepy. i did this sculpt in 2017 and i'm not sure i could do any better today. its pretty darn accurate. i only did about 10 of these. 1 available now. $60 shipped Canada. $50 shipped US


might be more showing up here. possibly SL Kirk or a couple more H4 blanks.......

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