Sunday, March 7, 2010


This pic heavy section is for anything Halloween related.

Season of the Witch lantern ----> 2009 <----

old school spooky puzzle

1988 Don Post Webster mask

Don Post skull,SSN witch and jacko

Victoria,BC_Fall 09

old school scarecrow(late 80's).awesome piece,lights and sound still work.i never saw these again

misc Dept 56,i have several more of these

the classic by Ray Bradbury

a lantern i carved on clay in the 90's

my framed Trick or Treat print by Walter Campbell

DP Drac mask

98/99 Shatner mask i converted_2009

signed by Dick Warlock

more Department 56 and other misc shots

this superb Windmill spins and has eerie sound.individual skulls have green lit eyes

some of the better lanterns i did on clay in the 90's

more clay lanterns.the owl in tree may have been the hardest one i did

bats globe with eerie(wind-up)music


old NM81,i no longer have this one

old school Halloween novels

classic Hallmark pins

Department 56 Werewolf

another local shot


  1. Great stuff Hallows!! This is offically my solstice sanctuary!

  2. thanks Colin
    by the way,i may need a couple of your old pics shortly

  3. Just arrived and my belongs were 14 business days late! Expect those chicken chips soon :)

    Tried to return a pm but couldn't on

    peace Face Monster a.k.a Drew

  4. thanks Andrew,thats awesome
    i sent a reply there