Tuesday, October 12, 2021

old school!! first ever Myers sculpt attempt. insane paint. $200

my first ever attempt at a Myers sculpt, 2014-2015? it was completely scratch made. very stylized,obviously. not accurate to anything really,but does it look like Myers?? i think so. as i remember,this was inspired somewhat by the H4 poster and Justins Maniac from back in the day. the paint is my old classic is very good indeed. the hair is also awesome. it seems to have a few variations in it. to be honest,i tossed this mask aside and forgot it. it was not stuffed or anything and there is a crease along one side(highlighted in one of these shots). it does basically nothing to the overall look but it is there. its a larger mask,around 25 inch maybe. very dramatic look. i didn't make many of these. $200 US shipped. comment here or use email at the top of the page if you want it. i have some very large pics also. email if you need them.